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Mission Report Five:

The weather has been irregular. For the most part, it has snowed, however it does not seem to have the severe chill this much snow would indicate. Calculations set the temperature at approximately 39 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the constant exposure to the weather has begun to take a toll on us, forcing us to retreat to our ship.

The ship still remains nonfunctional, however, it serves the purpose of a shelter. Sebastian has asked us to make a base, and it appears the ship will serve as that as well.

Others have noticed the rise in Rocket agents lately, and have called it to the attention of the residents. One of these others was Steven Stone, oftime champion of the Hoenn region.
The white-uniformed agent was seen again, although he did not speak to either of us. Admittedly we did not attempt to speak to him.

Jirachi never addressed our wish. Subelty must be observed in the future.

Buson has shown interest in participating in a contest. Although the Team usually limits participation in such things to undercover missions, he believes it may make his Muk stronger.

A young man distributed books of information about the island and its inhabitants, however a great deal of it seems to consist of gross exaggeration.

A man identifying himself as being an employee of Altru has arrived. He attempted to flirt with Bashou, but upon realizing that Bashou is male (and the threats that followed), he retreated.

We have heard that one of the island's resident Legendaries, Palkia, is pregnant. Apparently she did not believe her species could breed, which leads us to wonder how many Legendaries are capable of such a thing. Sebastian would no doubt know.

This report to be filed until such time as it is possible to submit it.

--Silver Officer Bashou
--Silver Officer Buson
Mission Report Four (numbering system adapted, see previous report):

Professor Sebastian has found his way to the island. We have not seen Domino since, however we trust she's aware of this development.
Additionally, a midrank agent has arrived as well.

One of the trainers who obstructed our capture of Raikou has appeared. He attempted to do battle with us, however, Buson was able to send his Alakazam retreating, with the assistance of the midrank agent.

Buson attempted, for reasons unknown to anyone but himself, to abscond with a trainer's fishing rod, and was injured when the experimental creature beat him with it. Truly this place has affected the minds of those who inhabit it.
Edit to above paragraph: Irrelevant to the mission, stricken from the record. --Buson

A minor Legendary, Jirachi, informed the people that it needed to grant wishes. Currently in the process of determining ours, as it must advance the Team's cause.

This report to be filed until such time as it is possible for us to submit it.

--Silver Officer Buson
--Silver Officer Bashou
Mission Report, day (unknown, explained below) of (unknown):

We have discovered several things about this place and its inhabitants; unfortunately none of it will assist us in leaving. The arrangement is disjointed due to the strange nature of time in this place; forgive this.

-It is believed that this island exists in a far-removed dimension where various dimensions meet. Officers intend to investigate this theory further.
-Many Legendary pokémon inhabit this place. So far we have encountered Raikou (elaborated on below), Mew, Suicune, and most interestingly of all, the experimental creature known as Mewtwo. Of these, only Mew showed no malice towards us. The rest directly threatened to kill us, however, Mewtwo eventually gave up and decided to offer us drinks and berate our careers instead (officers are equally puzzled at this behavior).
--Raikou attacked officer Bashou, who battled it directly owing to his lack of pokémon (elaborated on below). It rendered him unconcious but with no lasting damage, leading us to believe that it was delibrately weakening its attacks. Officers expect to take advantage of this weakness in the future.
-Many people are aware of the existance of Team Rocket, however, the majority of them seem to be convinced that the Team ceased to exist some time ago. One of the stranger people was someone claiming to be the Rocket Leader, also claiming to have killed the previous one. However she showed very little knowledge of our ideals, but identified the deceased previous leader as having a Persian. It was troubling.
--She also possessed many traits of a Ninetales, and informed us that she had been a test subject.
-We discovered Officer Domino among the citizens here. She mentioned being forced into hiding by the island's inhabitents, but at our appearence she expressed the possibility of beginning operations here. Being the superior officer, she will serve as our leader, mutant Ninetales be damned.
-One man in a nonregulation Rocket uniform was seen, however the extent of his interaction with us was to make a strange face. Bashou doubts that he's even an agent.
-Bashou has no pokémon, as the ball containing his Steelix has vanished, and likewise my Skarmory. I retain possession of Muk, however.
-We have attempted to recruit new members. One young man was very interested, but has not returned to speak with us since.

This report to be filed until such time as it is possible for us to submit it.

--Silver Officer Buson
--Silver Officer Bashou
Mission Report, Day One of (unknown) Supplemental:

Examining the ship got me nowhere. It gives no sign whatsoever as to why it failed. Really it gives no sign at all. It won't turn on, although nothing is wrong with the mechanics.

I'm going to have to check further, but that's a two-person job and my partner left to examine the area. I heard him speak to one of the locals already, but then moved out of earshot.

However, from what I understood of the conversation (which took place outside the ship while I was inside it), the Rockets are known here. To what extent I don't know. I hope we can inspire fear in the populace, or possibly find some new recruits.

Of course, if we can't leave, that won't help us.

--Silver Officer Buson
Mission Report, Day One of (to be filled in later):

My partner and I have found ourselves in a strange place, removed from anything we can positively identify. The ship is no help; once we set down, the entire thing died. Currently he is working to restore the system, but he does not believe it is possible to do so.

Our mission goal must be put on hold until we are able to discern where we are, and perhaps longer. However, we will keep logs of events to assist us and the Team in the future.

--Silver Officer Bashou


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